Friday, April 13, 2012


Mad for Smarty’s been looking a little scruffy, so I pulled out a pair of clippers and set to work cleaning him up. As with most things, Smarty was perfect with the clippers. I didn’t do anything major, just cleaned up around the fetlocks, whiskers and bridle path. I don’t think he moved an inch the entire time I was working around him. So yeah! I was thrilled with how perfect he was; so many horses are just awful about being clipped.

I’ve continued to ride Smarty over the past week and have been pleased with his good behavior. Just recently I began taking him outside the arena and around the property, taking him through some trail areas at Bel Canto. He’s been great! And, much progress has been made with him longeing to the right; Smarty has almost got it down.

Enjoying spring


  1. my ottb is a rock star to clip too! glad smarty was a good boy for ya and that your riding adventures are going to well!

  2. Please give us a May update! It has been a month since your last post and I'm anxious to read how you two are doing.