Monday, May 21, 2012


In the last week, I’ve begun to canter Smarty a bit. Nothing major, just down the sides of the arena. He has only picked up his right lead a couple of times for me, which is fine for now. I want to get him cantering before trying to force him on a lead; he is still figuring out how to balance himself at the gate. He goes just like a racehorse, not surprisingly, and really hangs on the bit. It has been fun so far! He’ll get his leads and learn to work off his hind end in no time.

I worked with an instructor a few days ago who helped me get Smarty going more forward and on the bit, which was great! Since he is still such a green horse, riding him effectively is or utmost importance.

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  1. So great Madison, had to be a very special moment for you and him. I hope I have enough patience to take it as slow with my guy lol :)