Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The Arrival

My first glimpse of Mad for Smarty as he is unloaded from the van

     Mad for Smarty arrived at Bel Canto Farms in Wimberley, Texas on the afternoon of January 7, 2012,  just three weeks after I was first notified of the possibility of owning him. The trip down from Kentucky is a long one, Mad for Smarty was en route for 25 hours. He arrived to an entourage - about 15 people saw him arrive, from my trainer and family to fellow riders. Mad for Smarty showed up in style, riding in the most impressive 18-wheeler horse van you've ever seen. The horse was unloaded, and I took the lead rope quietly, unable to speak. That's when I started crying. It was probably the most emotional thing I've ever gone though. I'm not an emotional person for the most part, and have never been so happy that tears were rolling down my face. But I certainly couldn't control it! Having him handed to me was so incredible... it was as if every moment in my life for the last 8 years had been building to this. I can't really describe how it felt to finally get my own horse. I walked him for a good half hour before putting him away in the barn. Smarty was wonderful the entire time; it was a great start to our relationship
Holding my horse for the first time

     Mad for Smarty was in wonderful condition. He was still very fit, and actually much more muscular and conditioned than I thought he would be, considering he has been off the track since September.

     His manners are incredible. Really, really fantastic for a young OTTB. Everyone in my barn was thrilled with how well he behaved throughout the day. There were no fireworks when he got off the van, he never spooked at anything, he wasn't overly mouthy or nippy, he didn't try to bit or kick or play and was minding my space very well, even going in his stall. Again, more evidence of what a classy operation Three Chimneys is!

    Again, I am so, so grateful to everyone at Three Chimneys. I really can't stress that enough; everyone there was so helpful in getting this horse to me. This whole experience has been fantastic, and it has just begun. 

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  1. He is so cute and spunky looking! I think y'all are going to make a great team! :)