Friday, February 3, 2012

New shoes

     Yesterday front shoes were put back on Mad for Smarty. The farrier recommended front shoes with pads with Equi-pak underneath for a few cycles to help his sole grow out. Smarty has had a tough time adjusting to being barefoot and this should help. He is still barefoot behind. I went out to the barn to see him yesterday, and he was having no issues whatsoever with the new shoes and pads. He has also been started on a hoof supplement to promote growth. Hopefully these things in conjunction will take care of his foot soreness! So far, they are working wonderfully.
Nom nom nom

    So far here's the verdict on treats. Smarty does not like apples. At all. Which was unfortunate, as my mom had bought a bag for him. He'll take a bit and then won't touch the fruit. Carrots, in the other hand, are a big hit, he loves them! And peppermint. I have a regular peppermints that I've been giving him, and my friend Kara just bought a box of candy canes that were on clearance for him. Smarty is really enjoying those!

     Last weekend, my grandparents, parents, aunt, uncle and cousin came to Bel Canto to meet Smarty. They, like everyone else, loved him. My grandparents where especially thrilled to meet their new grand-horse!

With da fam


  1. My horses love both carrots and apples! However, I haven't tried peppermints yet with Quad, my OTTB. I'll try them with him sometime!

  2. Hey, Madison, Does MfS still sleep a lot. He was kind of known for that in The Chief's barn.

  3. He does sleep in his stall often, but I wouldn't consider it an unusual amount. Whenever I see him, he's sleeping standing up, too. Of course I'm usually at the barn later in the day after school when there is more activity going on; it's very possible that I miss him napping during the earlier part of the day.

  4. My boy loves apples carrots and peppermints. My QH wont touch any thing exept Mrs Pastures cookies. Question.....what kind of hoof supplement are you using?

  5. Replies
    1. good to know. hope it works. i use platinum performance overall supplement and hoof supplemant. i have been super happy with their products. its $ but worth every penny in my opinion. BUT if there is something better out there I would like to know about it. i got my first OTTB one year ago.